Here Are Four Ways to Ensure That Your Car Always Smells Fresh

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Here Are Four Ways to Ensure That Your Car Always Smells Fresh

here aren’t many aromas in the world that are more defining and desirable than those associated with complete and utter success. We are discussing the odor of a brand-new car, also known as the scent of accomplishment and new-car ownership that you experience as you drive away from the dealership. and in the complete opposite direction of that annoying car salesman.
However, what is it about the aroma of a brand-new car that is so enticing? And what causes it to seemingly disappear so quickly? We won’t be using any sprays or other types of air fresheners, but we will discuss in this piece what causes a car to have that “new car smell” and what you can do to keep it smelling that way.

How Does a Car Get That New Car Smell?

When I think about the smell of a new car, a few smells come to mind. These smells include a clean carpet, leather, plastic, and a hint of gunmetal. If you ask a random person how a new car smells, you will most likely get the same response from each person. The more you drive your car, the more this manufactured cocktail of chemicals breaks down, much like the fresh paint odor that you initially notice.

And let’s face it: most of us use our cars on a daily basis, which means they eventually take on the smells and funks of their owners.

How can you ensure that the interior of your car always smells just as clean as it did when you first got behind the wheel?

The Proper Way to Maintain a Pleasant Car Odor

One of the most significant financial commitments you’ll ever make is purchasing a vehicle, right up there with buying a house. Therefore, there is no reason not to take pride in your purchase by ensuring that it is spotless at all times. To get started, you should get rid of your bad habits, such as quitting smoking and clearing out your trash right away.

Let’s look at some other simple methods you can use to keep the odor in your car under control.

Clean Your Upholstery

Cleaning your car’s upholstery, floor mats, and carpet will keep it smelling clean for a longer period of time. This may seem like something that should go without saying. Because cars collect all kinds of dirt and debris from shoes, belongings, and the environment, cleaning the interior of your car on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to prevent unpleasant odors from developing.

Cover Your Seats

Investing in a set of car seat covers is a simple and cost-effective way to preserve the condition of the upholstery in your vehicle. Washable car seat covers can protect your upholstery from scratches, spills, and annoying food particles, which is especially helpful if you transport animals or passengers who are a mess.

Clean Dust & Dirt

When was the last time that you gave the dashboard in your vehicle a thorough cleaning? Because the dashboard in your vehicle acts like a magnet for dirt and debris, making regular dusting a part of your routine for cleaning the car is a good idea. To remove dust, lint, fibers, and anything else that may be hiding in between the vents of your dashboard, use a microfiber towel of the highest possible quality.

Utilize Baking Soda

It is common knowledge that baking soda is an extremely effective cleaning agent, particularly when combined with vinegar. Did you know that baking soda can neutralize the smells that build up in your vehicle? Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpets and floor mats of your vehicle to neutralize any unpleasant odors that may be present. Simply let it sit there unattended for the night, and then vacuum it up in the morning.

Dust Your Dash With Dash Gear

Okay, if you’ve painstakingly cleaned your vehicle from the carpets to the headliner and you still want to buy an air freshener that makes your car smell like a new car, you’re more than welcome to do so. But making routine car cleaning part of your routine is a simple way to keep that new car smell; in addition, your car will look as good as it smells after you’ve finished cleaning it. It is important to keep a set of Dash Gear in the glove compartment of your vehicle for those times when you need to quickly clean the dashboard. You can also look through our website to shop for all the products that are needed for car detailing in order to clean your vehicle.

Now, take a few moments to relax and savor this moment.

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